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Other Projects

Other Projects

"Cop Show" starring Colin Quinn - Production Coordinator

It Comes At Night - Production Assistant

Sesame Street, “Five By” with Train - Production Intern

“Birdwalk Empire” - Production Intern

“Elmo the Musical” - Production Intern

“Upside Downton Abbey” - Production Intern

“I Am Special” with Frank Oz - Production Intern

“Telly Gets Jealous” - production intern

“Elmo’s Alphabet Challenge” - production intern

Christmas In Rockefeller Center (2014) - Production Assistant

2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - Production Assistant

Quit Your Day Job - Production Coordinator

The Hustlers - Office Production Assistant

I Expect You to Die - Production Assistant

Falling For You - Production Assistant

SkyTV - Step Into Adventure with the Muppets - Production Assistant

The Special Without Brett Davis: Ep. 36 - Director