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Other Projects

Other Projects

"Cop Show" starring Colin Quinn - Production Coordinator

It Comes At Night - Production Assistant

Sesame Street, “Five By” with Train - Production Intern

“Birdwalk Empire” - Production Intern

“Elmo the Musical” - Production Intern

“Upside Downton Abbey” - Production Intern

“I Am Special” with Frank Oz - Production Intern

“Telly Gets Jealous” - production intern

Elmo loves his ABC's! In this , Elmo is on an Amazing Race to find all the letters of the alphabet on Sesame Street before time runs out! Are you up for an alphabet challenge?

Christmas In Rockefeller Center (2014) - Production Assistant

2014 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - Production Assistant

Quit Your Day Job - Production Coordinator

The Hustlers - Office Production Assistant

I Expect You to Die - Production Assistant

Falling For You - Production Assistant

SkyTV - Step Into Adventure with the Muppets - Production Assistant

The Special Without Brett Davis: Ep. 36 - Director