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Way Past Your Bedtime

Way Past Your Bedtime

Logan with his mom (Shannon O'Neill) and guests Lauren Duca ( Teen Vogue ) and John Reynolds ( Search Party ,  Stranger Things )

Logan with his mom (Shannon O'Neill) and guests Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue) and John Reynolds (Search PartyStranger Things)

"Way Past Your Bedtime" was a talk show at the UCB Theater in Chelsea where Connor Ratliff played a 7-year old boy named Logan Foster Wallace. Logan hosted a talk show in his bedroom after he's supposed to be asleep. Real guests sneak in "through the window" and enter Logan's world. His sidekick is a stuffed rabbit (Alex Song), the warm-up comic is the monster in the closet (Sebastian Conelli), and the house band is made up of his toys (Casey Jost, Becky Chicoine & Andy Bustillos).

The tone of the show was intended to combine the whimsy of Pee-Wee's Playhouse with the conversational stylings of Dick Cavett (and some Henson-ian sincerity and emotion thrown in for good measure). 

Through the run, guests included Richard Kind, Lauren Duca, Aparna Nancherla, Ira Glass, Matt Walsh, Sasheer Zamata, John Gemberling and many others.